Meet the Team

  • Albert De Guzman


    Albert’s mind is a fighter jet packed with various creative ammunition. He loves painting ideas on binary canvases until it turns into a reality.

  • Chris Miller

    Founder & CEO

    After 17 years of experience in the IT technical field as a system administrator and operations manager at a local internet service provider, Chris founded ScratchSpace in 2005.

  • Ellison Marks

    System Administrator

    Sysadmin, player of games and Scratchspace's puppetmaster. Likes computers, python, Exalted, and sheltering from the harsh rays of the daystar.

  • Greg Bettinger


    Graduated from MIT and specialized in distributed computing technologies in the 1990s. Now he does web application development in PHP and JavaScript.

  • Judith Wellner

    Project Lead

    A world citizen with a passion for communication and helping groups to bring their visions to life. Armed with years of experience and an M.A. in Communications and Journalism.

  • Scott Inan

    System Administrator

    With nearly 20 years of experience, Scott is a veteran Systems Administrator, enterprise-hardened MySQL DBA and part-time application developer with a passion for DevOps, automation and infrastructure design.